our Team

    James, General Manager

    The company’s head and heart. James’ entrepreneurial spirit and vision in directing business functions assisted our organization in maintaining relationships with clients and even generating new business. Thus, he has always been the idol role model for all the company’s staff members.

    Olivia, Marketing Manager

    With Olivia’s extensive expertise in the marketing field and her hands-on knowledge of the market, she was able to forge unprecedented marketing strategies and campaigns that helped put the company in its righteous place on the map.

    Hussin, Sales Manager

    A man of his words, who seeks to deliver. With his proficiency and massive experience in the sales domain, he provided detailed and accurate sales forecasts while mentoring his team members and setting his goal. Finally leading the sales department into a whole new breakthrough. 

    Alina, IT Manager

    The true intelligence of the company. With her grand ambition and state-of-the-art technological background, she was able to upgrade the company’s information system while defining the IT infrastructure strategy for a well-secured company system.

    Julie, Customer Service Manager

    A genuine bundle of energy who inspires her department to follow her footsteps into achieving daily customer satisfaction. Having trained her customer service agents on mastering verbal and written communication skills, by assessing service statistics and supervising day-to-day operations, she was able to improve the customer satisfaction ratings profoundly. 

    Max, Maintainance Manager

    Max has proven his outstanding competency in running the maintenance department. Since he’s an expert in maintaining all machinery and ensuring it’s at the optimal working standards. While at the same time conducting regular inspections of the facilities to detect and resolve any foreseeable problems.

    Patricia, Logistic Manager

    A savvy in managing logistics as well as supply chain management. She’s driven by success in every step where she plans, coordinates, and monitors logistics operations, in addition to supervising the warehouse staff and other logistics specialists. Her strong organizational and leadership skills helped ensure quality, quantity, customer satisfaction, and financial commitments are met.

    Zion, Financial Manager

    At a young age, Zion already excelled in financial management and well-earned his position at our company. His proficiency stemming from a vast practical background in the know-how, simply added to a successful financial manager. As he made sure all the financial legal requirements are met by analyzing market trends to discover business opportunities and maximize profits.