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GYMNEX gym Layouts will help you:   


With any gym facility, it is vital to make the most out of the available space to maximize revenue potential. That’s why it’s highly significant to note that the profit is contingent to how a gym layout & gym floor plan.

A gym layout will take into consideration most of the infrastructure such as walls, pillars, doors, windows, electrical needs and ceiling height. This ensures it gives a realistic interpretation of the actual space available which will determine where certain gym equipment can go and help avoid any mistakes in positioning.  

As well as gym equipment, we can include all aspects of a gym facility, such as: reception areas, treatment rooms, consultation rooms, Locker rooms, studios. All of which are set to be a measurement of the creation process, so you may assess the amount of savings and how the layouts shall fit in reality.

The aesthetics of a facility can have a huge impact on how and what that space would be best used for. Also, things like color, texture and style can have a huge impact on the space as a whole and influence the mood of the users. With a layout design, you can add some twists to your pallets, material, textures and lighting effects to make sure you get it right from day one.

Zoning is all about setting up a dedicated workout area whether it’s Functional, HIIT, Free weights, Cardio or general strength. As combining the right types of equipment, you can create a dynamic area. The space needs to be practical on a day-to-day basis, so when positioning the equipment and entwining the zones, your gym layout will pave the way for monitoring the flow of movement and observing any obstacles. 


Although not all gyms benefit from having the space to create private zones, some gyms lack such space to do so. However, 3d design the gym helped plan equipment grouping around such challenges.



Once the layout is done, we will be able to offer 3D images from all the angles you choose, capturing the overall look and positioning of the chosen outline and design.


We can go one step further, providing a 3D Virtual Walkthrough video and a PDF Presentation, which includes multiple angle shots of the final design and a formal list of equipment comprising of all technical specifications. 

This gives a realistic view of what your gym shall look like and by using the presentation package in your pre-sale process, you will give your current or prospective customers the chance to view the new facility and generate members before it’s even finished.

Informa tion About space

  • Plans

  • Prospects (DWG AutoCAD drawings) 

  • Doors and Windows,

  • positions,

  • height,  

  • Electrical System 

  • Room height 

  • Floors,

  • walls color 

  • Furniture 

  • Lights   

  • Windows View 

  • Pictures 

            Our Way To Support You

            ·        Providing most of the machines’ 2D & 3D models.

            ·        Setting the rules for a correct layout.

            ·        Developing graphic solutions and marketing materials 

            ·        Providing a well-designed layout. 

            ·        Maximizing your gym’s space usage. 

            ·        Increased Return on Investment

            ·        Branding and creating a visual identity.