Ultimate Military Fitness

Amend Force Military Wellness

Forces and military forces worldwide have equipped themselves with modern and functional training facilities, allowing their troops to gain better physical and mental efficiency and wellbeing.

GYMNEX works with all branches of armed forces looking to buy gym equipment: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. GYMNEX works with government purchase cards and open market bids. Plus, we accept government purchase orders to ensure a fast, easy, and secure transaction.

Also, to help the process run even smoother, you can use the form below to request your military fitness equipment quote at any time. Let us know the quote deadline, and we will do our best to have it to you on time or even before!

On one final note, words do very little to express the admiration, respect, and gratitude we have for the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. The strength, courage, determination, and sacrifices made by each individual are precisely why we call you our heroes.

For police officers and firefighters, physical fitness is important to their livelihood and overall well-being. Both need to be in great physical condition to perform effectively on the job.  

For firefighters, their ability to push, pull and lift heavy weights can be a matter of life and death. Additionally, both police officers and firefighters must also be able to maintain their physical fitness for long periods of time.

We understand the physical demands laid on the shoulders of the police and firefighters. Hence, you may consider us your partner who will ensure your department is properly equipped with the best fitness equipment available to help build stronger public safety for men and women.

Made-to-measure Military Wellness

GYMNEX will carefully evaluate your personal requirements and produce detailed 2D and 3D drawings to illustrate different layout options. 

Having had our share of extensive experience and working with military and police forces around the world, we understand that these additional tools are often vital in securing transactions. 

GYMNEX is proud to supply military and police forces around the world. GYMNEX has a reputation for high-quality durable products, innovative technology, and an insight into the needs and challenges faced by these organizations.